• Introduct high precision equipment

    In order to keep up with market leaders in the development of new technology and the increasingly strict requirements of products ‘made in China,’ we have proprietary equipment imported from Japan. Machinery has incorporated the use of multi-axis CNC mach

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  • Self-made high precision tooling

    To ensure the tolerance of the precision machining process, we have recognized the importance of quality tooling. After more than 20 years of experience being involved in the high precision manufacturing process for a multitude of projects, we have contin

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  • Automatic detection

    We compiled the systematic data collected by our engineers and worked to develop an intelligent system to automate production and testing alongside our years of accumulated experience. Heben’s use of artificial intelligence allows automatic detection and

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  • Expands Hydraulic cartridge valve parts

    Within high precision production, Heben also has considerable advantages in hydraulic pressure. The precision of these parts processed has a tolerance not inferior to automotive parts (tolerance 1μm, roundness 0.6μm, straightness 1μm) of which we have gai

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  • Expand to the hydrogen energy industry

    In recent years, renewable energy has taken the global stage with policies being implemented worldwide. Our company actively stands behind the development of green energy innovations such as in the production of parts such as hydrogen fuel cells, air comp

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  • Expanding market share in Hydrogen industry

    Hydrogen fuel cells are able to directly convert chemical energy into electrical energy more efficiently and cleaner than traditional combustion engines. The acceleration of fuel cell technology has created opportunities within the transformation of energ

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