AVG parts tolerance±0.001mm, min tolerance ±0.0003mm

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Top EU machine provide apex tolerance

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20+ years experience achieve leading technology in the industry

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High precision measuring equipment to ensure maximum tolerance accuracy

We been sold more than 100000000 precision parts with ±0.001mm since 2000.

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Excellent quality control process

Rate of rejection is 1.7ppm (parts per million)

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About Us

Heben is engaged in the production of high precision parts since establishment in 2000. We specialize in turbocharger, hydraulic, and laser printer parts, serving as a supplier to companies all over the world including Asia, Europe, and the United States. Over the years, Heben gained technical advantages and expertise that set us apart from other companies in the automotive and hydraulics industries as well as in the renewable energy space (hydrogen energy storage and transportation). We have a highly automated production and testing process resulting in an average tolerance of ±1 microns and as much as ±0.3 microns.

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  • Ultra-high precision

  • Perfect quality

  • 24-hour service

  • Professional team



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